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When one is emmersed in an environment, stage show or movie, and truly SEES it, it may occour to the viewer that this fantastical creation had to be made by someone. That ‘someone’ is me, Deborah L. Wright. The "industry" has permeated my world , being I was born and raised in Los angeles. I have always been a "thingmaker" from the day I hatched. Speaking of hatching, one of my proudest momemts in Elementary school was winning first place for my Halloween costume. I made myself into a hatching egg with duck legs poking out. It was an eggciting day! It also marked the day I fell in love with the practice of fabricating the world in the context of a stage. My aim is to collaborate with others who wish to pass on to the world the delight and awe felt when experiencing movies or visiting theme parks. I want to create the experience of a lifetime by combining super powers with others who want to make a difference through the high art of stage craft and entertainment.