We make it all

The talent you need is at our fingertips, all fired up and ready to go. Brief us on virtually anything creative: website design, ads, videos, blog posts, social posts, emails, icons, infographics, sales presentations, one pagers and case studies. Laetro artists are chosen for their versatility and can work in any brand style, including yours!

Really, really fast.

Assets are typically turned around in one week (or less). You submit your briefs into a pipeline setup just for your company. We assemble a producer and creators into a strike team that is purpose built for your needs. Critical collaboration (like feedback and revisions) happens all in one place.

At freelance rates.

Our mission is to see creators flourish. Studio work ranges from $100 to $200/hour depending on whether you sign up for a monthly commitment, or just a single project. Producer hours are billed at cost ($50) so that the maximum portion of your budget supports Laetro’s creator community.