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Dave Zaboski
Style made byDave Zaboski

I love that artists are training AI and getting credit. Laetro truly advocates for artists and creativity.

Heather Crank

Heather Crank

Style Maker

CGS is an AI tool that enhances our creativity without exploiting our work.

Manuel Piedra

Manuel Piedra

Style Maker

It’s more ethical because we’re invited, not thrown into it. There’s not a lot of AI tools like that.

This saves me time. The images I generated would have taken me weeks to wireframe.

James Hebers

James Hebers

Style Maker

The first responsible A.I. platform designed to support creatives

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You choose what and when to opt-in

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Set your own prices and get paid every time someone uses your style to generate images or text

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Join creatives and companies working towards responsible AI

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Get credit for your contributions

A.I. that pays creatives

Train AI models in your style 
and get paid.

Easily earn up to 65% of the profit each time a customer uses your style to generate assets.

Revealing the total bonus of Laetro's Style Maker program

AI and traditional work come together with Polish with a Pro.

Join Laetro and get paid your hourly rate for finishing work for clients. Yet another way to earn with Laetro.


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