Plans & Pricing for teams of all sizes.


Save 10%
$500 / month

903 Generation Tokens

  • 3 Seats
  • ~ 7,224 Generation Results & 903 Generation Tokens


Save 10%
$1,250 / month

2,384 Generation Tokens

  • 6 Seats
  • ~ 19,072 Generation Results & 2,384 Generation Tokens


Save 10%
$2,750 / month

5,056 Generation Tokens

  • 9 Seats
  • ~ 40,448 Generation Results & 5,056 Generation Tokens
  • 3 Custom-Built AI Brand Styles


Ideal for marketing teams that need both on-brand gen AI content and classic Design Services.

  • Unlimited seats
  • Hundreds of thousands of results
  • Unlimited Custom-Built AI Brand Styles

Add Design Services to your AI subscription

$0 one time fee

Get the best of both worlds by adding professional design services to your AI subscription plan. Buy Credits and get human help from Laetro's vetted community of world class creatives. Get help with everything from polishing your AI generated assets or commission companion projects like branded marketing materials, videos, and more.

Pricing FAQs

How do Content Generation Suite plans work?

Subscribe to the plan that's fit for your needs. Choose to pay monthly or subscribe to an annual plan and save. Change plans anytime and start, stop, or continue anytime you want.

What's included in the subscription plan?

All plans provide access to the Style Gallery, a collection of custom AI models trained by vetted Laetro Creatives. Depending on your plan, you'll get 1 or more seats (account logins) and a set of generation results. Brand and Enterprise plans also include Custom Styles, bespoke Styles trained on your own brand and exclusive to you and your team.

Do you offer a free trial?

We offer one set of generation results using any Style in the Style Gallery.

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly or yearly subscriptions at any time. You'll be able to use your plan until the end of your billing period and won't be charged again.

What do Credits do?

Credits are a versatile unit of currency that enable customers to access the professional design services offered by Laetro. This is the human help that pairs well with our AI tool.

  1. Pay Creatives for Manual Fixes: Sometimes, AI-generated content may have inaccuracies that require human help to ensure quality and accuracy. Credits can be used to compensate Laetro’s vetted Creatives, skilled professionals who manually review and refine AI-generated images and text. This ensures that your content is error-free and meets your specific requirements.
  2. Fund Design Services Projects: Credits can also be utilized to pay for classic design services projects. These projects may involve custom videos, website design, branding, or any other creative endeavors that go beyond AI-generated content. Hire skilled designers and creative professionals to work on your projects, all funded using your Credits.

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