Laetro is an infinitely scalable virtual creative studio powered by the world's top creative talent. We’ve cracked the code of solving the modern business's content challenges -- big or small, whatever you need, wherever you want to take your business. A creative team, hand-picked to execute your vision, is ready to start work today.

It's hard to deliver high-quality content for your business when your needs evolve on an ongoing basis. Ads blogs, social posts, website design, sales decks - the list goes on. You can hire an agency, but more are expensive and too slow. You can build a creative studio in-house, but scaling to meet demand can be impractical in the enterprise environment. Even if you invest in the capability it doesn’t make sense to staff for specialties: motion graphic designers, visual effects artists, 3D designers, 2D animators, illustrators or even specialty copywriters, depending on the size of your business. Sure, you can try your hand at finding freelancers if you know what you're looking for, but great ones who consistently deliver on-time and on-budget are a rare find.

Enter Laetro.

We believe every company should be able to look and feel like a billion dollar brand. We know success is as empowering to gifted creators as it is to the enterprises who need dazzling content to grow their brand and their business. We want to see creators and businesses flourishing. Laetro is building technology that allows you to order creative on-demand any time you need it. Made exclusively by the world's top creatives. How do we do it?

We connect talent with business teams where they work: Slack, Google Workspace and Microsoft Teams. We seamlessly facilitate project management for the entire creative process end-to-end so that your team can deliver high quality creative on-time and on-budget.

We're working with elite businesses and world-class creatives to develop the unique, powerful, original messaging that elevates brands. Because at Laetro, success is beautiful. Let's make something beautiful together.

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Our Story

Laetro was founded by three kindred spirits, Brett Willms, Dave Zaboski and Matt Danzig. Together they share a mission to help creators flourish, and a vision for a world full of original creative everywhere, for everyone.
Brett Willms Avatar
Brett Willms is a serial inventor, marketeer and highly experienced creative. His entrepreneurial successes in Canada put him on Google’s radar to lead major teams in both Canada and the US: Canada Marketing, Americas Small Business Marketing, and Google Access.
Brett left his VP position at Indeed.com to co-found Laetro, an on-demand illustration platform using the world’s best illustrators to create custom illustrations for the web. Brett lives with his wife Anne Marie, and their gregarious dog, Leo, in Mountain View, CA.
Dave Zaboski Avatar
Dave Zaboski is a classically trained painter, illustrator and former Senior Animator with Disney, Sony and Warner Bros. He has drawn for such classic films as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, the Lion King, Pocahontas and more.
Dave has a passion for leading entrepreneurs, educators, artists and others in collaborative creativity and how to turn a thought into a thing with grace and artistry. He lives with his wife, Robin, on a small ranchette in Los Angeles, CA.
Matt Danzig Avatar

Matt Danzig is a career product leader & manager with hands-on experience building multimillion-dollar, technically complex mobile and web products with some of the best minds in Silicon Valley. He cofounded and was VP Creative at IMVU, the metaverse marketplace.

Matt has a penchant for building end to end creative pipelines at scale and world class product & design teams. He lives with his wife, Susie, and his two awesome sauce children in Menlo Park, CA.

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