Shaped By Canada

Case Study: Brand Identity

Google Canada logo
Canada provinces morphing into the Google logo

The Request

“Help us bring a uniquely Canadian Google to life visually, partnering with authentic Canadian artists across provinces.”

The Solution

A new visual system for presentations infused with the essence of Canada’s cultural mosaic and breathtaking outdoors.

Google Canada Brand guide
With shifts in trends, creators, populations, and even weather patterns, the only constant in Canada is that it’s constantly changing. What if the provinces and territories Canadians all call home were constantly changing shape? Reaching out to somewhere or someone new. Or bringing everyone closer together. They become true representations of Canada. A country where many push boundaries every day, searching for ways to be better, evolving to help shape the communities to which we belong. Google is shaped by Canada.
Canadian rockies at sunset
Running through Canadian water
Canadian high wire
Illustration of Canadian sea
“It's refreshing to find B2C sensibilities and B2B discipline in one amazing partner.”
Storm over Canadian prairie
Illustration of Canadian river
An illustration of skiing in Canada
3D illustration of Canadian picnic
Illustration of Canadian road trip
3D illustration of Canadian harvester
Animating Canadian Provinces that become the Google G logo

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