Mental health care with true strength

Case Study: Brand Identity

The Mindstrong Logo
A white Mindstrong logo superimposed over blended colors.

The Request

“Develop a brand strategy, and visual identity that realizes Mindstrong’s unique approach to tech-assisted mental health care.”

The Solution

Mindstrong is mental health care with the strength to tackle anything.

A Mindstrong branded photo of a man crossing a street.
Mindstrong brings together quality care, technology, and between-session support to help anyone with mental health issues move forward and achieve better outcomes.
A screenshot of the Mindstrong website.
A mobile phone case in the style of Mindstrong's brand.
“The breadth of experience on the team - coming from all walks of life and specialties made it clear we had a top notch group who cared deeply about our mission and the work.”
A series of screens from the Mindstrong app.
A series of icons in the mindstrong style.
“Ultimately, when we were looking at the perfect brand - it was unmistakable and impossible to have happened without the entire Laetro team working with us!”
Three example photographs in the style of the Mindstrong brand.
At the end of the day, mental healthcare is about humans and how they feel. So we developed the mood cloud system, allowing us to express the full spectrum of the human experience, simply.

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