Stop Being A Hidden Gem! Strategies for Making Your Animated 2D Art More Visible


image of a portrait of a cartoon woman with lots of colors and dots surrounding her head. primarily reds, yellows, and blues

Artwork generated with prompt workflow by Dré Labre

2D art and animation are as important today as they were in the days of Max Fleischer and Walt Disney. In fact, their principles have widespread applications in all kinds of artistic endeavors.

Thanks to easy access to the right tools and online platforms to share your work, the 2D animation industry is growing. However, the challenge lies in getting your work to stand out amid talented competition. 2D animation tools are increasingly easy to obtain, and the internet provides all manner of options to release your art. As a result, even professional 2D animators face challenges in getting their work seen.

Increased visibility and exposure is vital to getting your 2D art the recognition it deserves. It can also lead to sales, commissions, and full-time work. Whether you’re a professional animation designer or just a hobbyist, these tips will make your animated 2D art stand out.

Social Media for 2D Animators: Strategies for Increased Visibility

2D art and animation work extremely well on social media outlets, which allow gifs and similar micro-shorts to be embedded directly into posts. That’s an easy way to show off samples of your work and network with other animators. What’s more, big social media engines have an extensive reach, increasing the potential that your art will be seen.

Prepare a strong social media strategy to increase the visibility of your animated 2D art. Keep your content engaging so viewers don’t scroll past it. Your animation should be short, to the point, and pertinent to the topic at hand. The more quickly it can engage the viewer, the better.

Use pertinent hashtags so you’ll show up when people search for that topic. In addition, work with other artists in your network to cross-promote each other’s work.

Ideally, you should post new content at least once a day to the social media feeds you use to promote your art. The more content you provide regularly, the more traffic your content will receive. Finally, you don’t have to be on every social media channel. Instead, choose the ones most relevant to the audience you’re trying to reach.

image of a birghtly color collage with lots of playful symbols and icons imulating a conversation on social media

Artwork generated with prompt workflow by Dré Labre

Leverage Industry Events and Networking Opportunities for Animated 2D Art

Networking extends beyond social media platforms to in-person industry events such as conventions and film festivals. Such events provide ample opportunity to contact other artists, build relationships with industry professionals, and open the doors for collaboration on bigger and more prominent projects.

It can be a little intimidating when starting out, but networking improves with practice. Look for your crowd—people you get along with easily—and don’t push too hard. Focus on making a connection rather than forwarding an agenda.

Make business cards with your contact information to give to people you meet at industry events. In addition, use the opportunity to take note of any trends or changes in the 2D animation industry. That allows you to adjust your portfolio accordingly and focus on areas that might net your animated 2D art a wider audience.

Build a Strong Online Presence With a Personal Website

While popular social media platforms and online forums are key elements in building visibility for your 2D art, you also need a centralized location on the web to highlight your work. A personal website is the ideal solution. For one thing, they’re inexpensive to set up and maintain. And when properly designed, they can make an excellent showcase for your 2D animation.

Your website should be colorful, enticing, and easy to navigate so visitors can quickly find what they want. It should also include contact information and as wide an array of art styles and mediums as you can manage. This is one of the reasons a solid portfolio is so important to 2D animators. It demonstrates your creative range and proficiency in various methods and techniques.

Some artists use their personal sites to generate income by charging a monthly fee to access their work. Always include free samples from your portfolio and regularly update the paid content to give your customers their worth.

image of a pair of women drawn in a 2d style with lots of bright colors and puffy, cloud-like dresses.

Artwork generated with prompt workflow by Dré Labre

Collaborate With Other Artists To Increase Your Reach

2D animators rarely work alone; creative collaboration is a staple of the medium [INTERNAL LINK: (When Published) Living the Animated Dream: Is 2D Animation the Right Path for You]. In fact, animation studios often look for a history of collaboration with potential hires. It shows you can work productively with a group to meet the company’s goals.

One of the big advantages of proper networking is getting in touch with potential collaborators. They can help you with your projects and offer additional exposure when you help theirs. As such, a good social network will extend the possible reach of your artwork. It also brings several specific benefits:

  • Support when promoting specific pieces of 2D art or animation
  • An alternate set of skills to handle aspects of a given project you may need help with
  • Potential working partners to make larger animation projects come together
  • An opportunity to demonstrate collaborative skills to potential employers who want animators and artists to work in a team environment
  • Help to build a portfolio and expand your skills to new styles and mediums

Take Action To Make Your 2D Art More Visible

2D art and animation can thrive with the right support. Online forums, in-person conventions, social networks of fellow artists, and a well-maintained website all make your work more visible and expand the audience for your art. When successful, they lead to paid commissions, full-time work, and a loyal following of fans.

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