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Reels, long and short video form and video animations are the prevailing content target audiences prefer to consume nowadays. Visually appealing, entertaining, and informative video animations is the go-to content format of businesses looking to reach out to more people. Animated explainer videos about the company’s products or services are more engaging, not to mention easily shareable.

What is 2D Animation?

2D animation is the use of elements such as backgrounds, characters, and other two-dimensional fundamentals. Traditional animation begins with sketches and drawings. These are the foundation of 2D animation. But with the advancement of technology, animators are now drawing and sketching digitally. When uploaded in an application or software, these sketches become 2D videos. 

Uses for 2D animated video

2D animated video is a flexible medium. Because of this, it's been greatly used across different industries for varied purposes. Below are some of the common applications for 2D animated videos:

Marketing and advertising

The marketing industry benefited a lot from animated videos since it is the most cost-effective route for promotion instead of hiring famous actors as brand ambassadors. Although, for transparency’s sake, 2D animation videos are still costly to produce but for understandable reasons. 

The process is painstaking since the ideas will undergo pre-production, production, and post-production before an even decent video is produced. The process also includes other steps that are likely to cost money such as writing scripts, conceptualizing art design, adding audio, music, and voice overs, hiring an animator, and of course, purchasing the necessary software licenses. Still, it’s comparably cheaper yet one of the biggest assets in an affordable marketing campaign since the videos effectively convey complex ideas in a visually engaging and entertaining way. 

Presentation and product demonstrations

2D animations can add flair and creativity to business presentations, sales pitches, and company introductions. Animated videos are integral in presentations and pitches since they make it easier to present ideas and business strategies to customers, prospective investors, and potential partners. 3D animation studios in Canada also use this type of animation for product demonstrations for businesses to showcase their products or services in action. Through animated product demonstrations, potential clients or investors can better grasp the product's features, benefits, and real-world applications.

Training and Educational Content

Educational institutions, e-learning platforms, and corporate training programs also use 2D animated videos to make learning engaging and interactive. From traditional classrooms to online learning platforms and corporate training programs, 2D animations have become an invaluable tool in making learning engaging, interactive, and effective. 

2D animated videos have transformed educational content delivery, making learning more engaging, accessible, and interactive. As technology continues to advance, famous 2d animation studios recognize the role of animation in education and training will likely continue to grow, enriching the learning experiences of students and employees worldwide. 

There is an obvious market for 2D animation and seeing this content form is used universally, there are numerous animation companies offering their services making it difficult to narrow down your choices. With that said, it’s important to know about the qualities of a competent animation company to make the search easier. 

An image showing a marketer pitching to a client using a screen with animated content, and the other half showing a teacher with a projector showcasing an animated lesson to an attentive student.

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Qualities of a competent 2D animation company

The best animation studios in Canada possess several key qualities that set them apart in the industry. 

Creativity and artistic vision

The animation studio that you are thinking of hiring must be capable of crafting engaging and visually appealing animations. They must have their inhouse skilled illustrators, storyboard artists and animators who work together well. The company must also exhibit a strong understanding of storytelling, ensuring that their animations effectively convey messages and captivate audiences. 

Technologically advance

An animation company must also be knowledgeable in the latest animation software and technologies. They must be adept in using software and applications to be able to create and deliver high-quality, and seamless animations. They should also prioritize clear communication and client collaboration, actively involving clients in the creative process while meeting project deadlines efficiently. 


A competent 2D animation studio such as the well-known 3D animation studios in Toronto must also have a strong portfolio showcasing their diverse range of successful projects across various industries, reflecting their expertise and versatility in the field of animation.

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