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Andrew Bryant
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How do you approach working on a project for a client and what is your process?

I learn as much as possible upfront so I can start ahead of the game. And I'm also a very quick and fluid learner, so once I dive in I'm able to start working with very few hiccups.


Could you please share with us a little about your background and family?

I am African American, born in New York but raised in a small city in Florida. Being brought up in such a small community, I always dreamt big and wanted to chase the biggest possibilities.


How do you balance creativity with the business side of things?

I balance creativity and business by being personally involved with both sides. I consider myself a creative first and learned the business after, so I know how to speak both languages and make both sides comfortable.


Can you discuss your experience working with a team, and how you collaborate with other disciplines?

My approach to collaboration is learning how the team prefers to work and catering my style to each individual. I let the creatives be the creatives and know how to walk the line of giving objective feedback when needed.


As a Creative, which project of your professional career, so far, reflects you the most?

My work with Major League Soccer via Apple TV reflects me the most. I've always been a huge sports person, and even if it's a sport that I wasn't fully into I could still bring a lot of knowledge and personal experience to the team.


Who are your influences?

Steve Jobs for his absolute genius and tenacity. And Lil Wayne for his longevity, consistency and "team building" when it comes to his record label and cohorts.


What sort of education or training did you seek out to further evolve your skills as a Project Manager? Did this schooling fully prepare you for working as a Project Manager?

As I've found every company, team and project is different, the majority of my learning and training has come from being "on the job" and gaining a myriad amount of experience.


How did your journey into the creative world begin?

I was always interested in being creative and entertainment, my college degree is Entertainment Business and I started my journey as an intern with the Madison Square Garden Company, working on sports, entertainment and live media.


You have worked in a multitude of realms in the entertainment industry, what is next for you? Is there more you want to explore?

There is still so much more to explore! I would personally love the opportunity to work on the sports side more, and also gain experience in more event and commercial/film projects.


Kindly take us through a particular project of yours that you cherish.

Not necessarily a particular project, but I really cherish the projects that I've done that are outside of the digital realm and are more tangible. I've worked on billboards for Apple Music and physical merchandise for musicians and comedians and being able to see my work in person, and not just on a screen, has meant a lot.


How many years of experience do you have? With that many years of experience in the industry, what words of wisdom would you like to give to young Creatives?

I have accumulated about 12 years of experience now. The advice I would give to young creatives would be to stay vigilant on trends and industry noise. The world is going at a faster and faster pace each day and you want to make sure you're keeping up with the pivots and demand as needed.

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