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David Broad
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Devout believer that the integration of creative and media always leads to better results. Experienced operator in developing the strategies that make that happen.

How did you get interested in creating? What were your early influences?

My brain changed when I learned for myself that the media plan was as much a creative instrument as it was an economic one. This freed the media solution from spreadsheets and rate cards and math-led decision making, and let it include new ideas. The earliest influence here was creating the media plan for the launch of Virgin America during my time at Anomaly.


Can you discuss the different styles and techniques that help you create a compelling project?

Always start with the fundamentals. The problem. The audience. The desired outcome. Then play and push and tinker.


Can you share your background and how you got started in your career?

First job was at DDB before the disintegration of the agency model. Media planners sitting and working with creative teams and strategists and producers. Then the holding companies moved all the chess pieces around and I found myself separated from that, working solely with media clients on media plans with other media planners. Since then Ive pursued bringing creative and media back together,


What was it like to work with Google?

A case of turning a shared belief in "creative + media = good" into action. The best collaborators I've worked with in my career, never looking to outsource the solution, always working together to get there.


How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends & technologies in your field and how do you incorporate them into your work?

I wish I could say I have a carefully crafted approach to this, but I dont. I think the answer is 'pay attention'.


How do you balance delivering a high-quality output with meeting tight deadlines?

Alignment up-front. Get the hard decisions made early and stick to them.


You have worked in a multitude of realms in the entertainment industry, what is next for you? Is there more you want to explore?

"Entertainment" is such a fascinating category, so definitely.

As an omnivore, it appeals to me personally. I game. I watch all the TV. I love sports. My kids game. My kids watch all of the not-TV. They love sports.

As a strategist, it appeals to me intellectually and creatively. Its huge & moving fast, so there's real strategic advantage to be found.


What was your most challenging project to work on?

Let's talk about this one in person.


As a Marketer, is it possible to create anything that you can imagine?

Let me ask the production team.


Can you discuss your experience working with a team, and how you collaborate with other disciplines?

Ive worked at media agencies. creative agencies, and client side. In different roles, org structures, big teams, small teams, solo missions. After all of that, the things that matter are trust and honesty.


What do you think sets your work apart from other Marketers?

A unique background and set of experiences to draw from in developing strategy. And a impenetrable belief in the value strategy brings to the table.

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