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I am an art director, animator, and illustrator with over 19 years in the creative industry. In 2015, I founded Ginger Fox Studios to deliver meaningful, original, and exciting solutions to clients worldwide. My passion lies in creating engaging and impactful motion graphics that tell stories, convey ideas, and inspire audiences. As the founder and lead creative at Ginger Fox Studios, I oversee every project from the initial pitch to the final delivery, ensuring quality, consistency, and client satisfaction. My portfolio includes diverse projects such as augmented reality apps, projection mapping, gaming and educational apps, promotional videos, and TV idents. I thrive on collaboration with fellow professionals and continually explore new techniques and technologies to push the boundaries of motion graphics.

Please tell us about your recent work and what kind of projects you take on.

Recently, I've had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects. One of the latest projects involved creating architectural animations to showcase the stunning transformation of Water Street in Tampa. I've also worked on engaging animations for the early learning app Wayo, helping to make education more interactive and enjoyable for young learners. Additionally, I had the privilege of producing a video focused on economic mobility for the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation, addressing critical societal issues.

The projects I take on vary significantly in terms of scale, medium, and complexity. This diversity keeps my work dynamic and allows me to continually expand my creative horizons.

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What’s your experience been like working with such varied brands?

I enjoy working with different brands. Every brand has a unique style and every project has a different problem to solve which requires a tailored solution. So every project is a new puzzle which is an exciting and engaging aspect of my work.


How did you get interested in creating? What were your early influences?

I've been drawing for as long as I remember. When I was 5 years old I announced to my parents that I was going to be an artist and haven't budged since. My interest in illustration as well as animation definitely was created by retro cartoons as well as for some reason packaging design.

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What are some valuable lessons you’ve learned professionally so far?

This profession is very subjective and there are many ways of doing the same thing and achieving the same goal. Listening carefully to the client helps you learn and speak their language and achieve the common goal quicker.


What are some of the golden rules you follow as a surefire method to deliver a compelling project?

To deliver a compelling animation, I follow these important rules:

1. Audience-Centric Approach: Understanding the target audience is important. Tailoring the animation to their preferences, expectations, and interests ensures that it resonates with the viewers.

2. Clear Communication: It's crucial to make sure that the client's message is crystal clear and effectively communicated throughout the animation.

3. Visual Excellence and Engaging Storytelling: Striving for compelling visuals is a must. A strong narrative forms the heart of any compelling animation. Crafting an engaging story or concept keeps the audience invested in the project from beginning to end.

One of the most valuable skills I've learned professionally is the art of problem-solving. Whether it's in the context of animation or illustration, I've realized that the ability to identify challenges, analyze them, and find innovative solutions is really important.

What do you think sets your work apart from other Animators?

What makes my work stand out is my focus on problem-solving and storytelling. I believe animation should have a purpose, beyond just looking good. I enjoy solving challenges creatively and ensuring every element serves the story. This approach sets my work apart and ensures that my animations engage audiences on a deeper level, leaving a lasting impact.


How is your approach towards each of your creative skills different? Is the starting point the same?

I view both illustration and animation as powerful problem-solving tools. While illustration conveys ideas and messages visually, animation adds movement and dynamic storytelling to the equation. Although they have distinct roles, these skills complement each other, and I often find that my experiences in one discipline inform my work in the other.

My approach to both illustration and animation begins with a deep understanding of the project's goals and the message it aims to convey. Whether I'm crafting a static visual or a moving sequence, the starting point remains rooted in a clear understanding of the project's objectives. From there, I adapt my techniques, styles, and creative processes to best serve the specific requirements of each project.


How do you see the digitalization of art? Apart from convenience, which important feature does technology add to your artwork?

I see the digitalization of art as a significant and evolving aspect of the creative world. Beyond the obvious convenience it offers, technology adds a unique dimension to my artwork – it amplifies my creative capabilities.

One important feature that technology adds to my work is efficiency. Recent technological advancements, such as AI, have significantly accelerated our work processes. This efficiency allows us to explore and experiment with ideas more quickly, which can be particularly valuable in a fast-paced industry.

While technology is a powerful tool, I believe that it's essential for the creator's personality and vision to shine through. Ultimately, technology should complement and amplify the artist's unique perspective, rather than overshadowing it.

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You have worked in a multitude of realms in the entertainment industry, what is next for you? Is there more you want to explore?

I'm looking forward to taking on bigger projects and more significant challenges as Ginger Fox Studios continues to expand. My goal is to cultivate a small studio of What do you think sets your work apart from other Animators?who share our enthusiasm for motion graphics. With the ongoing advancements in software and technology, there are undoubtedly exciting opportunities on the horizon, and I'm looking forward to what comes next.

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