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Jordan has dedicated 15 years as a career artist, diversifying himself artistically as much as possible. He possesses a wide range of skills when it comes to sequential art and storytelling. He first broke into the industry working on Sucker Punch Productions' hit, “Sly Cooper” series, as a cutscene character artist, story artist and animator. His specialty has been storytelling and 2D animation, but he has also been in several leadership positions including Art Lead and Art Director. He loves working with teams and collaborating on making the best stories possible. Jordan has been a part-time instructor, teaching the next generation of storytellers at Digipen Institute of Technology, helping students learn the art of storyboards and comic book sequencing. During the other part of his working hours, Jordan works as a freelance illustrator. Most notably, he has done work for Titmouse, Netflix, DC Comics, Amazon, PopCap Games, SuckerPunch Productions, PUBG, and Scifi Channel's, 'Krypton". During his free time, Jordan can be found hard at work on his Creator-Owned comic series, "Hominids".