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John Hyslop
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Hey there! I'm a writer, editor, and creative director based in New York City. I've worked with dozens of brands, agencies, and publishers to create meaningful, effective messaging and powerful content. I've also overseen creative teams for these clients, including high-exposure products like Google's core advertising technology. If you understand it, nothing is too complex to write about simply. From tech to healthcare to finance, I love working with inspired people in any industry who are passionate about how what they're doing fits into the larger "puzzle" of our world. My process is simple: I start by asking what a customer would want to know, as well as what questions I'd have if I were them. And I build from there. The customer is always the hero – if you can take a step back and think about what's important to them, you'll come up with a message that rings true to a wide audience. You just have to listen for it.

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