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I’m a Portland-based copywriter/creative leader/bibliophile/anglophile/ailurophile who plugs nicely into any team, no matter your stance on the Oxford comma. I organize words into brand manifestos, harmonious 360 campaigns, punchy headlines, quirky social posts and succinct scripts. I also like translating tangled-ball-of-yarn briefs into brain-pleasing creative and editorial strategies. Let’s chat creative, books, cats and whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich. (See my website for better samples.)

What do you think sets your work apart from other Writers?

I've been on every side of the business - agency, in-house, freelance. I understand where business needs and creative needs intersect, and how to navigate that intersection to produce incredibly creative work that delivers on business goals.

Oh, and my brain is a floating swirl of space junk that comes up with off-the-wall ideas. Usually when I'm trying to sleep.


Please share some of your most valuable lessons from your years of experience.

Be bolder than you think you should be. Don't be afraid to push an outlandish idea.

Treat everyone - other creatives, project managers, marketing and brand teams, etc - like partners, not adversaries.

The best idea should win, no matter who it came from.


How has being based in the US influenced your work as a Writer?

Inclusivity is so important in ways that aren't always obvious. We carry so many implicit biases with us. It's so important to be mindful to write inclusively not just in the very noticeable ways, but also in the small ways that really matter.


As a Writer, is it possible to create anything that you can imagine?

Hot take: every project needs some boundaries. CAN I create anything I can imagine for a brand? I mean, sure. But that's not the right question. The real question is, should I? Most of the time, the answer is no because few brands can pull off this kind of limitless pie-in-the-sky thinking and have it be authentic to who they are. I look for the biggest ideas I can find within a brand's stratosphere. We can push against it; we just can't lose who we are.

Billboard for the Joint Chiropractic

Can you share your background and how you got started in your career?

I was a bookworm. A word nerd. A grammar glutton. Of course I was going to become a copywriter. I started out 17 years ago at a small agency in Phoenix and I was hooked. Over the years I've worked for agencies, in-house and freelance, honing my skills in 360 campaigns, creative strategy, pithy social media, editorial strategy, digital media, etc and making an instant impact on every brand I touch.


How do you think quality, storytelling, and great teamwork come together on a project?

Creative is art + copy. I focus on creating honest, respectful, playful relationships with other creatives so that the creative product we produce feels, looks and sounds cohesive.

T&N bedding ad

Kindly take us through a particular project of yours that you cherish.

A few years ago, I created a new international campaign for the Arizona Office of Tourism called "Unreal." It lived up to its name. This campaign was a dream to shoot, with amazing collaborative partners and a storytelling focus. For me, the most amazing moment happened we partnered with Conde Nast to film a group of influencers on a multi-day road trip. As the sun set over the spectacular Chiricahua Mountains, one of the influencers - without knowing the campaign tag - uttered, "Wow, that is unreal."


How many years of experience do you have? With that many years of experience in the industry, what words of wisdom would you like to give to young Creatives?

I've been wrangling words into submission for around 17 years now. To young creatives, I have a few words of advice. 1) Don't be an ego-driven creative - confidence is great; arrogance is not. You don't have to be mean or put others down to get ahead. 2) Don't let the aforementioned ego monsters get you down. Leave toxic environments and find creative mentors who will teach through meaningful critique. 3) For writers in particular: edit, edit, edit. Your copy is probably too long and too wordy.

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