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Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

The People VS George Lucas movie poster

Escape From Planet Earth

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Schitts Creek Advertisement paintings

Jason Seiler is an award winning illustrator known for his caricature and realistic portrait paintings which have been featured as covers and interior pieces for TIME, Rolling Stone, Sturgill Simpson’s album cover, “Metamodern Sounds of Country Music”, Billboard, MAD magazine, Politico, Pop TV, US Postal Service, Son Little’s album cover, “Aloha”, The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, GOLF magazine, KING magazine, Revolver, Guitar Player, The Village Voice, Disney, The New York Observer, New Line Cinema, Universal Pictures, Aardman Animation, and Sony Image, among many others. Jason has had the honor of painting Time magazines coveted Person of the year cover two times, Pope Francis in 2013, and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in 2020. Jason also worked with Imaginism Studios as a character designer on Tim Burton’s, Alice In Wonderland, helping to create such characters as the Red Queen, the Tweedles, the Bandersnatch and more. His work can also be seen in the animated movie, "Escape from Planet Earth" as well as Disenchanted. eg. Layout Artist – Disenchanted, Disney.