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Jacqui Askaryan

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
History Channel
Museum of Future Experiences
Shinobi Therapeutics
Jacqui Askaryan
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I'm an award-winning creative producer, experience designer, and strategic storyteller specializing in translating the complex and ambitious into the engaging and inspiring. I spent the last four years working closely with the CEO and leading creative for the Y Combinator-backed media startup, Museum of Future Experiences, recognized by Time Out as a "technical masterpiece." We created transformative immersive live shows featuring world-class Virtual Reality pieces and original 3D Spatial Sound Compositions. I’ve also developed an award-winning digital series for NASA, produced over 100 short-form documentaries for the History Channel, built VR video games to help kids learn science, and supported CEOs and start-ups in the biotech, space, and AI spaces in telling their stories to diverse audiences. From communicating complex science and technology to developing interactive experiences, I approach each project with a blend of artistry, human-centered design, and a principled "jobs to be done" approach to ensure that every piece of content not only captivates and inspires but also activates specific strategic goals.
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