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Matt Checkowski



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University of California


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I’m passionate about ideas that inspire movement into the spaces between people, ideas, worlds. I’ve led all kinds of teams, hands-on and working together to imagine and create experiences that fuel a curiosity for one another and hopefully improve our trajectory over the horizon. Currently, I’m developing projects through my studio, and helping clients use design and storytelling as a strategy for building brands that people care about. *** An experience leader, award-winning creative director, and accomplished filmmaker, Matt Checkowski has guided partnerships with museums, cities, universities, Fortune 500 companies, entertainment studios, icons, and artists to create culture-shifting work that brings deeply human perspectives to a global audience. Matt's most known as the creative force behind the dream sequences in Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report and, more recently, as a featured artist in Speechless, a group exhibition by the Dallas Museum of Art, where he introduced Glyph, a hybrid video and A.I. software artwork that translates speech into a new, visual language made live from trending images on the internet. The work is now a part of the DMA's permanent collection.