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I create hand-drawn visuals, capturing and illustrating the key concepts and main ideas of presentations and discussions in real-time (sometimes called visual notes, live illustration, graphic recording and a variety of other terms). The goal of my visuals is to help you think and communicate clearly so you can get more done and have some fun while you’re at it. And yes, hand-drawn visuals are totally professional, even in the most serious corporate settings! For online meetings and events, I work on an ipad, usually silent and invisible. I'll send you JPG files within minutes after your session or event ends, with PDF and time-lapse videos added after that. For in-person work, I generally draw with markers on foam core boards and send JPG files within a few days.
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Master of Hand-Drawn Visuals: Capturing Ideas and Concepts in Real-Time

What makes you prefer hand-drawn visuals in particular as your style?

I believe hand-drawn visuals add a unique human touch to presentations and discussions. They have a natural and organic feel that resonates with people, making complex ideas more approachable and memorable. Plus, creating visuals in real-time allows me to engage with the audience on a deeper level, capturing their attention and fostering better communication.

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What has your creative journey been like – education, work experience, and achievements?

My creative journey has been quite adventurous and fulfilling. I've always had a passion for drawing and storytelling, which led me to pursue a degree in graphic design. Over the years, I've honed my skills and explored different forms of visual communication. From working in design agencies to freelancing, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with diverse clients and industries. Some of my proudest achievements include being featured in prominent publications and having my work displayed in various prestigious venues.

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Please elaborate on your approach of "capturing and illustrating the key concepts and main ideas of presentations and discussions in real-time."

When I'm capturing visuals in real time, my focus is on actively listening and understanding the core messages being conveyed. I use a combination of imagery, symbols, and text to translate complex ideas into easily digestible visuals. It's all about distilling the essence of the content and presenting it in a visually engaging manner that resonates with the audience.

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How do you achieve the goal of helping the client think and communicate clearly to get more done?

My visuals serve as a powerful tool to reinforce the main points of a presentation or discussion. By providing a visual roadmap, I help the client and their audience stay on track and grasp the key takeaways more effectively. Clear communication through visuals not only enhances understanding but also sparks creativity and collaboration, enabling everyone to make progress and achieve their goals.

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What does it take to protect hand-drawn visuals professionally even in the most serious corporate settings?

In a corporate setting, professionalism is key. I ensure that my hand-drawn visuals are aligned with the client's brand guidelines and communication objectives. By maintaining a polished and consistent style, my visuals seamlessly integrate into presentations without compromising the seriousness of the content. The impact of hand-drawn visuals lies in their ability to bring life to the data and ideas while maintaining a professional demeanor.

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Please tell us about one or two of your most significant project so far.

One of my most memorable projects was working with a Fortune 500 company on their annual leadership summit. I had the opportunity to visually record discussions and workshops involving top executives from around the world. My illustrations helped them see the bigger picture, align their strategies, and foster meaningful connections. Another significant project was collaborating with a nonprofit organization on a series of workshops for underprivileged youth. My visuals played a crucial role in sparking creativity and engagement, leaving a lasting impact on these young minds.

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What is your work process like from brief to final product?

It all starts with understanding the client's goals and gathering relevant information. Once I have the brief, I dive into research and preparation to familiarize myself with the subject matter. During the event or presentation, I listen actively and create live visuals that capture the essence of the content. After the session, I refine and digitize the illustrations, adding finishing touches and organizing them into a coherent format. The final product is delivered promptly, whether as JPG files for immediate use or as PDFs and time-lapse videos for a more comprehensive record.

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Please tell us about your live drawing process and experience.

Live drawing is an exhilarating experience! When I'm live drawing, I'm fully immersed at the moment, responding in real-time to the flow of ideas and discussions. It's like dancing with the information as it unfolds. The energy and spontaneity of the process make it incredibly rewarding. I've had the pleasure of live drawing for various events, from business conferences to creative workshops, and each experience is unique and inspiring.

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What have been your main challenges so far and how have you addressed them?

One of the main challenges has been managing tight timelines during live events. To address this, I've developed efficient techniques that allow me to work quickly without compromising on the quality of the visuals. Another challenge has been ensuring that my visuals resonate with diverse audiences and cultures. To overcome this, I engage in thorough research and tailor my approach to create visuals that are universally meaningful and relevant.

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What's your advice to young creatives out there?

My advice to young creatives is to embrace your unique artistic voice and continuously seek opportunities to expand your skills. Stay curious and open-minded, and never shy away from experimenting with new techniques and styles. Surround yourself with a supportive creative community, as it can be a great source of inspiration and guidance. Most importantly, don't be afraid to take risks and pursue your passions wholeheartedly – that's where true creativity thrives!

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