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Mike Thoang
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Hello! Thank you for viewing my profile. Let's jump right in! I OFFER YOU • Senior-level Production Design knowledge and capabilities in both Digital and Print media amassed over 17+ years • Solid Design sensibility rooted in the understanding of composition, spacial awareness on the canvas, typesetting • Expertise in Retouching that will undoubtedly be a valuable resource to any Creative team MY SKILL SET • I've worked on everything that relates to Production Design • Digital – online banners, social media ads, eblasts, broadcast TV ads, digital OOH • Print – packaging, direct mail, brochures, POP displays, magazine/newspaper ads, large format signage and OOH • Design – Adapting artwork from Art Directors and rolling out into various sizes for the campaign, while staying true to the original vision of the Creative team • Retouching – For creating mockups and compositing final high res assets. Also for portraits and product photography MY WORK ETHIC I take great pride in my work and hold everything to a high level of standard. I will always look after even the smallest details and see project through to the end
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