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Hi! I am Moritz and I am a passionate cinematographer & filmmaker. Already as a kid, I was fascinated by books, music and images and to create stories of all kinds. After starting my professional career as a copywriter in advertising, I transitioned into the film industry and continued my paths as a visual storyteller. Nowadays I shoot mostly commercials and documentaries, but I’ve also worked in the on-set visual effects department of some international feature films. If you like my work, just get in touch and let’s create something magic together.
Moritz Peter Foerster
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What’s the most valuable skill you’ve learned so far professionally?

My most valuable skill everything comes back to in the end is storytelling. Even though I have a deep passion for cinematography as well, in the end what soaks the viewer in, is the emotion of the film. Cinematography, music and editing are the crafts to achieve that, but the story has to be the driver.


Tell us about what drives your personal projects.

In personal projects I usually try to find that specific "edge". Usually an interesting character or an unusual location or some odd kind of humor (and ideally all combined in one).

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As a Director, is it possible to create anything that you can imagine?

Usually yes. Obviously there are always limitations in a project of what you can do (mostly dictated by the budget). But within these limitations I usually manage to get the project to the outcome I wanted to create.


Did you always know your creative calling? How did you find your way toward it?

Yes. I developed an interest for photography already at an early age of around 6 or 7 years old and was fascinated by books even before I started going to school. During my teenage years I started experimenting with acting, djaying and filmmaking so it was clear to me that I would do something creative also professionally later on.

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How is your approach towards each of your creative skills different? Is the starting point the same?

Yes. I would say that the driver for all my creative skills is a combination of my love for storytelling and the desire to share a feeling with my audience. This applies to filmmaking as well as making music / djaying.


How did your journey into the creative world begin?

After school I was looking into different film schools in Germany. While doing that I stumbled upon the soon to be opened Miami Ad School in Berlin. It is an international network school for advertising and their 2 year program included the possibility to visit other schools and do internships in advertising agencies all over the world. It sounded like a crazy adventure so I went for it!

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How do you manage your time/effort as a Creative while making time for your family & life?

Is is always a struggle as timing is usually tight while you are in a project and in down times you hustle to acquire new clients. But I'm getting better at setting limits for myself to spend quality time with my girlfriend and family.


What was your most challenging project to work on?

I worked as a On-Set VFX Data Wrangler on Netflix' Virtual Production Series "1899". It was very challenging as both our supervisors left for a couple weeks so we had to make shooting decisions on a major film set with over 100 people working at the same time.


How do you see the digitalization of art? Apart from convenience, which important feature does technology add to your artwork? Which are your favorite technologies to use for work?

I am sceptical about shifting creative tasks to AI, as it makes it even harder for artists and creatives to make a living from their passion. I do love certain technological tools though for my filmmaking workflow. Like for royalty free music and to manage feedback from clients.


How do you think quality, storytelling, and great teamwork come together on a project?

I believe that communication is the key in all elements of film production. Clients need to understand that a certain budget is needed to achieve the quality they want to achieve, storytelling is needed to communicate the message from the brand to the audience and on the shooting day communication is the glue that makes a team shine together.


Before starting a new project, what information are you looking for from the Customer? What do you ask them?

I usually first try to hear about their goals and objectives about the production. What they want the film to communicate, what they can provide for the production (sometimes they already have a location for example) and what their overall budget is.

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