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In 2010, we started this magazine to promote art, design, and designers in India as co-founder and editor-in-chief of Creative Gaga, a print, and online publication. I also work as a branding consultant at Open Palette Studio, a branding and design studio primarily providing branding services to Pharma and FMCG companies. Collaborating with a flexible team of freelancers and full-time creative experts in a cooperative environment, we accomplish quality deliverables by working on limited projects. During my tenure at Publicis Worldwide, an advertising agency, I implemented my design skills and thinking on brands like Nestle, Maggi, and Teachers Whisky. A graduate in Graphic design & Art Direction from Bolton University, England, creative at heart and with the design running in my blood, the quest to look for solutions in unique ideas and to have different perspectives and out-of-the-box thinking led me to be in possession of skills such as Publication Branding & Design Consultation, which I call my forte.