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Pirates Of the Carribean

Tony Koehl has been fortunate enough to have been able to work in the movie industry for a while, donating his creative visions to movies such as Van Helsing and Pirates of the Caribbean and to television shows such as Charmed. However, most of his commissioned work has been in the music scene. Having been Tony Koehl�s second passion, asides from art, he began creating album art for the extreme metal genre and has since then gained more notoriety through the scene. Creating over 100 album covers starting in 2000, Tony Koehl has been able to create a name for him-self in a sector of music he has enjoyed since his youth. Now taking on another path to work on his 3rd eye enigma series to show people and the world how amazing we all are. Tapping into the mental images to illustrate the powers we all have to make our own realities. Images of mental powers over our own situations, to gain for a better life for all. Asides from creating album cover art, Tony Koehl has also showcased his art throughout Southern California, New York and Japan. Varying from classic art galleries to underground shows, Tony Koehl�s art has been viewed and enjoyed by a large variety of people. Although Tony Koehl�s artistic palate caters to the darker content, his ability to create a diverse range of art has helped him gain a much larger fan base, to which he is truly grateful for.