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Taylor Smith - Copywriter
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GOT A 5-INCH SCAR FROM A WOLF AT THE RIPE OLD AGE OF 8. It was February 2005. My family and I were on our annual camping trip. In the wee hours of the morning, nature called and I set out to do my business. The wind was silent and the air was crisp, even the trees were still sleeping. Hunting for the perfect spot to relieve myself, I caught something out of the corner of my eye. A skin walker? Danny DeVito? (To be fair I wasn’t old enough to know who Danny DeVito was yet, this is just for dramatic flair) To my terror, it was Danny DeVito. I’m just messin’ with ya, it was a wolf. Frozen in my tracks I watched it inch closer to me, studying my small stature and Limited Too Bermuda shorts. And just as I thought it would leave me be, its sharp claws struck the back of my head. I screamed, my dad came running. He cried. I cried. I felt the warm blood trickle down my spine. My eyes dazed and glazed like I had just spent too much time in a dispensary. The wolf fled and my dad carried me back to camp. I’m not sure what else happened after that, but I now have a 5-inch scar on the back of my head to commemorate my survival. And it’s something I’m proud of. Just kidding, I had a brain tumor removed. But that story is way cooler. Anyway, if you liked reading that piece of fiction, you should see what I can do with brand stories.

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