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Hello! My name is Kamal and I am a writer who believes that Art is a powerful tool for storytelling. I use my passion for art, writing, and philosophy to create beautiful moments that inspire, captivate, and entertains. My portfolio showcases some of my work and highlights my unique style that combines my love for philosophy with visual art. I believe that art has the power to change the world and I am dedicated to using my skills to create meaningful and impactful content. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my work.

As a Creative, how do you bring forth your style in the different projects you work on?

As a creative, I love merging philosophical concepts with visual storytelling, creating a distinctive style evident across various projects which can be seen on my website/portfolio My work features bold colors, intricate details, and a blend of abstract and figurative elements using AI tools, amongst other software. Each of my projects reflect some sort of exploration of human experiences and emotions. My overall artistic approach is to provoke thoughts and inspire viewers whether making art or simply living life, become conduits for personal and philosophical reflection.

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How do you balance artistic expression with technical precision in your work?

Balancing artistic expression with technical precision is a fundamental aspect of my creative process. I approach each piece with a deep philosophical intent, ensuring that the artwork not only captures visual aesthetics but also conveys meaningful concepts. I meticulously plan my compositions, paying attention to detail and technique, while allowing room for spontaneous and intuitive elements to emerge. This blend of structure and creativity enables me to produce work that is both technically sound and rich in emotional and intellectual depth.


Tell us about what drives your personal projects.

I am inspired by philosophical questions, to have an understanding of life without limiting myself in a box. Each piece I create is an attempt to know a bit more of myself as I connect with viewers on an emotional and intellectual level, encouraging them to reflect on their own lives and the world around them. My goal is to evoke thought, inspire change, and create a lasting impact through my work/art.

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You have worked as a Concept Artist at multiple studios and on multiple projects. With each project demanding a different aesthetic, how did you shift gears to excel in that position?

Flexible mindset and not being afraid to collaborate with others while also maintaining my uniqueness and purpose.


What’s it like being a Creative in the US, in terms of the work, influences, treatment, etc?

Beautiful rollercoaster ride

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How do you manage your time/effort as a Creative while making time for your family & life?

I try to break projects into smaller tasks and setting realistic deadlines, which helps me maintain a healthy balance. Additionally, I ensure that I communicate openly with my family about my schedule, so we can plan our time together accordingly.


What’s your experience been like working with such varied brands?

Working with a variety of brands is an exciting prospect that I look forward to. I anticipate that each brand will bring unique challenges and opportunities, allowing me to adapt and grow as an artist. The diversity in brand aesthetics and values will push me to be versatile and innovative in my approach. Collaborating with different teams and understanding their visions will help me refine my skills and expand my creative horizons. I'm eager to bring my philosophical artistic expression and technical precision to each brand's unique narrative.


Tell us more about the concept art process while working on a movie?

While I haven't worked on a movie yet, I can share my understanding of the concept art process in film production. The process begins with brainstorming and gathering references to align with the director's vision. Next, I create initial sketches and thumbnails to explore different ideas and compositions. Once a concept is approved, I develop detailed illustrations, focusing on elements like characters, environments, and props. Collaboration with the production team is essential to ensure the art supports the narrative and fits within the project's aesthetic.

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