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Get world-class jobs with world-class brands.

Laetro’s team works around the clock to find the great brands -- from Fortune 500 companies to Silicon Valley's hottest start-ups -- that need your vibrant creative insight and inspired work output.

Our clients request projects. We assemble the perfect creative team from our collective, then invite you and fellow team members to Laetro's unique platform within Slack or Google Workspace to collaborate with each other and with the client. No need to worry about project management or billing. We take care of everything, end-to-end.

Set your own rate.

This ain't Fiver or 99 Designs. On Laetro, you set your own rate, and we take it from there. No job hunting. No payment delays. So you can focus on what you do best: create.

With Laetro, you can design the work life of your dreams.

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Collaborate with other amazing creatives.

Our studio includes creative directors, art directors, writers, illustrators, 2D and 3D concept designers, brand strategists and more. Collaborate with other amazing creatives from all around the globe on all kinds of projects -- from simple illustrations to complex design, brand and advertising campaign work; blog articles, website design, ebooks, illustrations, animated videos and more. The plug-and-play work is great, but connecting with similarly talented creatives is a purposeful part of the Laetro experience.

Share in our elite creative collaborative, led by Laetro co-founder and former Disney animator Dave Zaboski.

Meet fellow professionals. Ask a question. Provide an answer. Find a mentor, or be one. Share your insights and inspirations. Or just hang out at our online creative salon events, like interactive tutorials, live model drawing classes, artshares and more.

Dave Zaboski