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Case Study: Illustration, Performance Marketing

The Virta logo.
A silhouetted couple watching a rocket blast off in the distance.

The Request

“Develop a new illustration style that shows how Virta transforms its patients lives, bringing them newfound vitality.”

The Solution

A calming line art style that leverages simple contrast & modern palette to help people see beyond their boundaries.

A puzzle of a woman accepting flowers from a giant hand.
A man carrying a heavy, giant pill.
A group of people helping each other cross a dangerous chasm.
An elderly woman appreciating a conversation with a hologram.
Virta helps people reverse diabetes. Their innovations in technology and nutrition science are changing diabetes care delivery and empowering patients on their journey to success.
A doctor helping you decide whether to choose a lifetime of drugs or just eating vegetables, instead.
“We really appreciate that no matter the size of the project, the Laetro team has been there for us. Laetro is solution-oriented and there's really no risk.”
Three veterans with missing limbs as a result of either war or diabetes.
“Working with Laetro has expanded our imaginations around our own brand. I have full faith that any Laetro creative across disciplines is going to be able to support our project.”
A countertop full of healthy good and Virta's helpful tools.
“Seeing the work come together during meetings & having that visual direction immediately is a big win for us.”

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