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Jon Morgan
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A creative leader with experience successfully building and leading teams for Fortune 100 companies, like McDonald's and Allstate. Strategic Thinking • Storytelling Excellence • Brand Development • Social Media Communication • Creative Strategy • Problem Solving

How did your journey into the creative world begin?

Always loved how advertising distilled communication down to something very simple. A billboard. A magazine ad. A TV spot. When interactive and social came around, there became more of a dialogue. Embracing those new changes and challenges, I continue to be.

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What’s the most valuable skill you’ve learned so far professionally?

Partnership. If we’re all going the same place, let’s figure things out together while still letting each one empathize their background experience and strength. Let’s ask questions. Let’s discuss. Let’s figure out what’s right for not just the brand, but the audience, the platform and culture.

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Who are your influences?

Bob Greenberg started R/GA as a production company in the 70s. Today it has evolved into something much different to fit the times ( He has this idea of recreating what the company means every nine years. While I am not hitting a hard reset on myself, I like the idea of being nimble and able to change, so I challenge myself learn/try/do new things.

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When creating a brand identity, how important is target audience research?

I think context is everything. Not only the audience, but where the audience is receiving your communication and how it fits in or doesn’t.

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What project are you most proud of being involved in? What made it so memorable?

For International Women’s Day, we flipped the Golden Arches — a symbol known to more people across the globe than the Christian cross — to a W to celebrate women. Of course this could have been fluff and just a stunt, but it made sense because it was . As a father of two daughters, I want to affect societal and cultural change. And while, this was for a brand, it also helped create more positive discussion around women leaders in our society.

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How do you manage your time/effort as a Creative while making time for your family & life?

I like to put in the most energy when the opportunities are there. After a morning dog walk, I dig in a with a cup of coffee and put my focused energy into my work. Likewise in the evening when there may be homework time for the family, I put my energy into focusing on or reviewing the thoughts of the day or preparing for the day ahead.

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How do you approach working on a project for a client and what is your process?

I like to gather the info, absorb and come back with questions to make sure we’re heading in the same direction together. All the way, I hope to have a healthy dialogue, so that we’re tracking together and evolving the brief and communications together. Not a big believer in the “big reveal”. Like former Duke basketball leader Coach K said, “Two is better than one, if two can work as one.”


Tell us about what drives your personal projects.

I think what drives my personal projects is the challenge. What new thing can I learn? How can I take what is existing and turn it into something with a new spin.? Trying something new or finding a better way to do something. Why has humankind want to explore new territory or go to the moon? Because the challenge exists.

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