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Justin Moore
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Justin is a world-class creative director and a not-world-class musician. He’s helped build some of the biggest brands in the world, and turned many little brands into bigger ones. He never met a problem he couldn’t solve with hard work, creativity and bareknuckle optimism.

When creating a brand identity, how important is target audience research?

Research is vital. Crafting a brand identity is building an ongoing conversation with the world.

It helps to know as much as possible about who you're talking with!


What was it like to work with Apple?

Apple was fascinating. Very structured and also surprising. It's compelling to work in an environment with much less pressure on costs and resources, and always exciting to work with people at the top of their game.


What sort of education or training did you seek out to further evolve your skills as a Creative Director? Did this schooling fully prepare you for working as a Creative Director?

Craft skills like editing and scriptwriting courses, learning new software like the Adobe suite. On-the job-training with every director, photographer, sound designer, producer and cinematographer I met. I also sought conversations with business, strategic and finance leaders to understand as much as possible about the role of creative teams within the business.


Please share some of your most valuable lessons from your years of experience.

Stay curious. Don't let cynicism in - it kills creativity. Listen hard. Don't be scared of being wrong - it's a superskill.


What is your ritual as a Creative – from ideation to final result?

Lots of research. Talk to smart people. Make a lot of notes. Have a hundred ideas then go away and do something unconnected.

Come back fresh and craft the life into the best ideas.


How has your work evolved since you began your practice?

I'm faster now - quicker to spot the good stuff. More confident in my own skills. More generous about other people's.


Before starting a new project, what information are you looking for from the Customer? What do you ask them?

All the obvious stuff, timing, budget etc. But I also try to gauge their level of taste and ambition, ask them what work they admire outside of their sector, and also work out what is the best way to interact in terms of frequency, levels of involvement, etc, and how to establish a relationship.


Every Creative has their style but it can be difficult to bring that style to different projects with different clients, all with their own styles. How do you bring the two together?

Contrasting styles does sometimes create friction, so I try to guide people towards thinking about outcomes and solutions. I will coach creatives and sidebar with clients. Find points of agreement.


Please share with us your absolute favorite project from amongst all your work.

Probably 'The Man who walked around the World' for Johnnie Walker. It was a very unlikely hit - a low-budget internal brand film that won every award out there. I still get requests for it 15 years later. It was my best example of the power of taking risks and unrelenting craft.


Who or what has been your inspiration in your Creative Director journey?

Direct mentors: John Hegarty, Mick Mahoney, Rich Silverstein, Paul Venables. Plus every creative person I meet.


Kindly take us through a particular project of yours that you cherish.

I really cherish my leadership of the Audi brand. You can find a case study here.

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