Last Updated: 03 JUN 2021

This is a description of the essential nature of the relationships, understandings and communication between core torchbearers in and around the Laetro ecosystem.

We are a creator collective and this is our kindred quest: To create, manage, operate and lovingly grow a creator and technology based company committed to the expansion of human consciousness, creativity and artistry.

And as such, we walk our talk. We agree to live in integrity and trust, following principles we derive from our collective wisdom. We will live our lives as proof of concept. We agree to be good to each other and practice lightheartedness. We agree to do the work - both outer and inner.

We are creators pulled toward the edges of boundless creativity by our desire to create at the level of what we can imagine. We also know that our road to excellence is our ability to generously collaborate. In this collective endeavor, we agree to get to know each other. We agree to cultivate a confusion tolerance where in the face of ambiguous or inconclusive data, we will refrain from judgement until things become clear. If things aren’t clear, we’ll clear them up. We will do our best to draw positive energy from each other and promise to be additive. We agree to plus each other. To mentor and be mentored. We are storytellers. We believe. We collaborate. We risk. We iterate and we complete. Everything is going to be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

We agree to pursue and listen for the yes as long as it presents itself and we agree to, in good faith, play as hard as possible together for the biggest win. We know things can get difficult, we agree to hold each other to our highest good and agree to never use intimate or vulnerable information for bad.

We believe that now is the time for a greater awakening through art. We believe in the dynamic balance of heart and mind, science and spirit, the visible and the unseen, the felt and the known. We believe in an expanding universe powered by the only true and real force: love.